Lunchbox shopping made easy

Putting a balanced lunchbox together for your kids can be hard work. There are lots of questions that can leave you confused like - Is it nutritious? Will they like it? Will it fill them up? So we've made it our mission to make it easier for you.
Open your lunchbox

Look out for this logo

Next time you're shopping in ALDI, look out for this logo in-store to identify products that, when packed into a balanced school lunchbox, help kids meet their nutritional needs.

Carefully selected with the experts

To help your kids get the nutritional balance they need, we've partnered with Healthy Kids Association. Together we've carefully created weekly plans using a variety of food combinations from the ALDI Lunchbox initiative. Making it easier for you to create balanced lunchboxes everyday.
About the initiative
Supported By Healthy Kids Association

The ALDI Lunchbox app

On top of making the ALDI Lunchbox initiative really easy to spot in-store, we've also created the ALDI Lunchbox app. Which makes it even simpler to: plan weekly lunches, create shopping lists, and find info on what actually makes up a balanced lunchbox. Sorry this app is not available on your device... but you can register to recieve email lunchbox plans below.
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Weekly Lunchbox Plans

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